Monday, February 9, 2015

Great New Books!

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We just took delivery of 3 great new books, 2 hardcover and one new one for our KINDLE....  In our world books are a luxury that we don't take lightly...  literally...  Books are heavy and take up valuable space.  Thus, the MAJORITY of our books are on our Kindles.  That said, last week I ordered the last two books that complete our "Fish Identification" library.  For years we have treasured the Caribbean series:

If you are interested the Amazon link is:  REEF SET

Here are the two new books added to complete our library:

These books are NOT cheap, but as divers and photographers, they provide an incredible insight into that world we love so much. These two book are also available at Amazon. REEF FISH   and   REEF CREATURES

The last book we acquired this week was added to our Kindles and will be available from Amazon the second week of February.  Written by a fellow cruiser, Nadine Slavinski (who is an archaeologist turned teacher, as well as a blue-water sailor and parent) called: Pacific Crossing Notes: A Sailor's Guide to the Coconut Milk Run.  Shelley and I have really enjoyed this informative, well written guide for folks thinking about doing a pacific crossing....

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  1. It's a dream to travel the world. It's something I've wanted all my life and I'm even saving up every penny I can to make it happen. Good luck with your plans you guys!