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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just Another Sunday....

Welcome to our Blog. Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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If you want to start at the beginning of our trip:
If you want to see the story of our trip from South Carolina
(where we bought the boat)
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For so many years, my Sundays have been full...  Yet even now after 2 months of travel, I miss the routine of so many years...  I have to admit, I don't miss it enough to go back...  just miss it...

This week was very busy.  Our friends Bill and Maryann came from Philadelphia to visit for  few days.  We had a ball.  They arrived with a bolt of fabric we had ordered and 2 Philly Cheese-steaks! No one makes Philly Cheese-steaks like the folks in Philadelphia....

The day they arrived Shelley cooked roast potatoes, and a whole chicken in the solar oven.  It tasted AMAZING! and cost us NOTHING to produce in terms of energy...  Just a sunny day and 4 hours on the fore deck...

On Tuesday, we took Maryann & Bill to all the very cool tourist traps in Myrtle Beach.  We went on the Humongous Ferris wheel called "The Sky Wheel".  The view was awesome...

After that we went to a souvenir place that was around since the time I was a kid called, "The Gay Dolphin"  This place was to original place to get tacky souvenirs of Myrtle Beach. Nowadays you can find places like this one on almost every corner, but these guys were the original... They are still in business today!

Anyway, I was on a mission to resolve a childhood issue that I have carried with me since I was a young boy...  As you know my name is "Kyle", which today is a fairly common name. In the 1990's it was ranked as high as 18th in terms of popularity.  However, in 1961, the year I was born, it ranked 232.....  Which meant that NO ONE named their kid Kyle back then....  I knew my parents had it in for me when we went to The Gay Dolphin back in the early 1970's and there was a wall with literally thousands of licence plates for bicycles with kids names on them....  Missing of course, was KYLE!!!!  Anyway, to make a very long story short, on Tuesday we found the very same wall, only this time we FOUND MY NAME!!!!  My world is now complete....

Our day was complete when we went for a swim in the ocean... It was a little rough but great fun!

Bill and Maryann returned home on Wednesday evening.  Thank you both for such a great time...

The rest of the week was spent getting some chores done in and around the boat.  We ordered an "on demand" tankless hot water unit that heats water with propane.  I installed it and it seems to work well.  I need to have the unit checked when we get to Charleston at the end of the month, but this is the last thing that we wanted in our lives so we can remain "off the grid" for extended periods of time.

This weekend we spent time with our new friends at the yacht club.  The people here are SO friendly, kind and helpful, leaving at the end of the month is going to be very difficult.

On Saturday I helped Bill by taking some pictures of his sailboat called "Spirit"  They have set a date to go cruising and are in the process of selling their racer/cruiser and will be buying a full on ocean cruiser...  Does this story sound familiar?  Best of luck to them and we will see you in Panama.... BTW, if anyone is interested in a near bristol, racer, cruiser, contact me and I'll connect you  with Bill & Carol. Once the listing is up on Yachtworld I'll add the link.

Today, Shelley and I completed a major task.  We have now made rain covers for ALL our hatches.  This now means that we can leave our hatches open when it rains and keep the air circulating without getting soaked...  This was an all day job, but we think it turned out well...

Just a few more random pictures from our week....

We had the car so took advantage of visiting the BEST doughnut place in the world!

Shelley's herb garden is really doing well!

Rich and Tracy's sailboat

Mike and Pam's powerboat

Who knew OCTOBER is Clergy Appreciation Month?

We liked the one on the top!


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  1. We enjoyed meeting you both, it was a fun time at the marina.
    Remember - picture an spell it.
    Sven and Marion