Monday, September 29, 2014

Getting Ready To Go....

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After a dreary week and a wonderful weather weekend, it has become clear to Shelley and I that it is time to get moving south.  We have decided that, weather permitting, we will depart from Myrtle Beach Yacht Club which has been our home for the last two months.  Hopefully early Wednesday morning we will let go the dock lines that have afforded us such a wonderful summer.

We have made some new GREAT friends. We have taken care of the last few maintenance projects that needed doing, we have learned much about ourselves and each other.  We are now ready to GET GOING!

We have made arrangements with our friends at home to send us the rest of the school supplies we need to have before we arrive in Mexico at Christmas to replenish.  (BTW, if any of you are planning to be in Cozumel while we are there we would be really thrilled if you would be willing to bring us a small suitcase or two filled with school supplies.  We will supply the goods, a letter for the airline, a letter for customs and even the suitcase!  All you need to do is agree to bring it, we will do the rest...

Last weekend, Leila, the lady who runs the office at MBYC, organized a Sunday morning southern breakfast, complete with biscuits & gravy and grits...There were a bunch of people who came and we all had an awesome time....

On our way back to the boat we met Charles, from the US Boarder Protection. He was checking cruising permits from us foreigners and a very nice man.
After breakfast, our good friends Carol & Bill, took us for a day sail on their 40' sloop, Spirit.  I have to say it has been a while since we have day sailed just for the fun of sailing! 

After a great day of sailing we were treated to a wonderful dinner together... Thank you...

Today Elaine and Bud (m/v Diamond Girl) kindly drove us for provisions, which was good because I don't think they would have fit on the bikes.  We are getting ready for an early Wednesday am departure... More soon...


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