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Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Last Minute Jobs....

This week we got a few more jobs crossed off the list...  We have got the house pretty much emptied and we are just trying to get all the different organizations and companies working with us as we cancel and postpone all our utilities and subscriptions...  I have to admit, that we never expected moving away would be so much work.... Not to mention, the frustration we cause when we are not setting up a home somewhere else....  I wonder what happens when people die???

Last weekend we were surprised with another going away party and gift...  What was billed as "Progressive Supper" turned out to be financially supportive of our "Right to Write" project where they raise almost $300...  The folks at Speedside also took the opportunity to give Shelley and I a BEAUTIFUL Quilt for our bed on the boat... We are so lucky!

We also went to the boat for a few hours on Monday and got a few more last minute jobs completed on the boat...  we made a new cover for the windlass and the outboard engine. We removed the labels from our brand new engine and we will get some spray paint to make the engine look old and worthless...  It's kind of sad, but apparently that what we need to do to keep some people from steeling it...

We installed our new life ring that was signed by all our friends at our church...

Our last project was to attach an old hard "Pelican" type case to our pilot house so we can securely store masks, fins, snorkels and other various water toys.  We through bolted it and sealed it with 3M 4200...

We will be moving on to the boat on the 22nd after we finish emptying the last few things from the house....  I guess there is no turning back now...  The couple that bought our house came by last night to measure...  We are so happy that they bought the house and we sure hope it helps them make their dreams come true...

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