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Friday, June 28, 2013

Countdown to ONE YEAR!!

In EXACTLY one year from this coming Monday, we will be leaving!  At one level, it still seems far away, however, in reality, our departure is getting emminently closer!

That said, I spent the last few days getting a few more jobs done on the boat and getting things ready to celebrate Canada Day...  As a rule, we are not a terribly patriotic country, but for some reason, I really look forward to CANADA DAY - July 1st....  It may be my favourite holiday because it doesn't involve either the giving or receiving of gifts! It has no religious overtones for people to ignore or pretend about, it is just a day when quite often the weather is good, and people are friendly...  What a great reason to celebrate...

My first job was to get as many cool things as I could for less than $100 at the Dollar Store...  SUCCESS many patriotic items made in some sweat shop in China.... On Monday we will decorate the boat!

Today, as a part of the Canada Day celebrations this weekend, 5 Tall Ships arrived in Hamilton...  I have to say, even with all the awesome technology we have in our world today, there really is nothing more beautiful than the lines of a classic Tall Ship....  Two friends (Ricard & Paul) from the place where we keep our boat accompanied me out into the lake to get a close-up view of the ships...  We were very lucky.  As rain was falling all over the area, we somehow stayed dry!

Here is our "tall ship" coming back tp our slip after we watched the parade from the lake....

Yesterday, I got another big job crossed off the list.  We found some wonderful security bars at Home Depot, that fit the big hatch in the main salon PERFECTLY!  I don't suppose for a minute that they will stop a determined thief, but we hope they will discourage a thief of opportunity...  Who knows...

I also moved the freezer FOR THE THIRD TIME!  I just cant seem to find a place where it is accessible and secure.  However, today I may have finally come up with something that may work...  I moved it to a shelf above the scuba compressor and moved the fins into the cupboard where the freezer used to be...  With any luck, this will work!

Tomorrow, I plan to make a canvas cover for the hatchway for when we are underway.  It will keep rain out of the cabin and keep coming and going easy...  Here is to hoping!

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