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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Starting the Electrical and Plumbing

The other day I got a good start on the plumbing and electrical....  I have almost all of the old electrical out now and have only left wiring that I might use to pull new wire through...  The batteries are neatly re-wired and I have decided to go with a 3 battery combiner.  This device will allow any battery receiving a charging voltage to share it with all three battery banks on the boat.  In other words, if the alternator is charging the starting battery (the one it is connected to), the combiner will detect that charge and also charge the house bank and the windlass battery...  I will be connecting the charger, solar and wind generator to the house bank, and the same thing will happen except this time the starting bank will get to share the charge...

All of the old copper piping is now gone from the boat and I have replaced it with PEX pipes and fittings.... This stuff is awesome!  The plastic pipe is connected to fittings with a stainless steel band that is crimped into place...  This system looks and works great!  The only real expense would have been the crimping tool, but I got lucky as a good friend from the yacht club had no use for the one he bought and he gave me the tool....

There was one section of the sole (floor) that needed to be cut out to run the wire and pipe...  As I lifted the floorboard I was met with a real treat - Half a bottle of GIN! The plastic bottle is pretty beat up but the contents look to be in fine condition....  Life is Good...

Today Shelley and I went to the glass place and picked up our hatches and windows...  They look GREAT! Tomorrow Ed (my father in law) and I will re-install them making the boat weather resistant...  This is good as fall is now upon us and we really need to get the boat buttoned up for the winter....

Anyone who is reading this blog and has hatches and/or windows to replace needs to know about the amazing work that K-W Glass in Waterloo Ontario does....  They were VERY reasonably priced and were able to produce replacement windows and hatches that look great, work well, and cost us MUCH LESS than it would have been to replace them or to have a "marine" place fix them...  Thank you so much to Rob H. and his crew....  (I will post pictures as soon as the are installed)


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