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Monday, September 19, 2011

Progress Is Slowing Down

Being back to work and the weather changing has really put a crimp in progress on the boat.  Over the last few weeks I have been pulling out the old wiring and plumbing.  A slow process as I really want to know what I am pulling out....

On Saturday, Shelley and I cleaned up the trailer and brought all the liquids home so they won't freeze over the winter.  We are very sure now that we won't be putting the boat in the water until the spring of 2013... :(

On the bright side, while the progress is slow, we are getting some small steps accomplished.  I have run all new water lines, installed the new inverter/charger, installed the 30 amp mains, and taken apart the 7kw generator that I will be installing to run a scuba compressor.  This is what the generator looks like with all the housing and exhaust system removed.  I am now trying to figure out a way to build a new exhaust system into the boat for this air cooled diesel generator...

Over the next few weeks/months we will be plugging away at the interior jobs that need to get done, leaving any further outside work for next spring and summer...  I have to admit, when I say all of this it gets a little discouraging.  I really am working on some stuff right now that I am not feeling too confident in my abilities to resolve or fix...

Any help or expertise is always appreciated...

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