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Monday, May 21, 2018

This is How the Other Half Lives....

Since returning from Suva, we have had the opportunity to see how the other half lives.  Our first stop here on the western (sunny) side of Fiji, was Port Denerau Marina....  I decided to spoil my beautiful wife with a night in a fancy marina, and we were not dissapointed.....  At 45' (14 meters) and 13 tonns we were DWARFED by the amazing boats around this place.

This is Larry's (The owner of Google) boat and amphibious car/boat being put in the water...

We did enjoy a quick trip into Nadi for some groceries, then a chance to see our friends from SV Terrapin again.  We met at the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed happy hour beer and wine, then went to a waterside restaraunt and had some super (albeit expensive) hamburgers... What a treat!

Our friends from SV Terrapin

The next day (all we could afford was one night in this place) we motored for just a few hours to Musket Cove where we got a mooring and enjoyed all the benefits of lifetime membership (bought last year for $20) in thier yacht club.

This is how the cool kids get here....

Sunset on an island that only appears at low tiide....

Benefits include great showers, use of their cool swimming pool, access to icecream... and a chance to see how the other half lives...

We also are very excited now as we were able to make a very acceptable deal with the marina manager to leave Blowin' Bubbles at Musket Cove while we return to Canada in a few weeks.  Not only will they keep the boat in the water, but have assured us that they will check on her on a regular basis making a little easier for me to leave her...

They run a super fast shuttle back and forth to the mainland, so we will have no problem getting to the airport.

For now, we have moved to Sawani Bay to relax and get ready to come home to Canada.  If anyone is interested, we have booked two speaking engagements so far to talk about our trip and our Right to Write work.  On June 10th we will be speaking at Trinity United Church in Guelph Ontario at 10:00am and on June 24th at 10:00 we will be at Wesley United Church in Cambridge Ontario.

We will let you know if/when we arrange other public speaking events.

More Soon....

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