Sunday, May 7, 2017

Musket Cove, Fiji

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A beautiful week in our first Fijian out island.  We had a bit more work to complete on the boat, but couldn't bear to be in the marina a moment longer, so last Monday we fueled the boat early and sailed to Musket Cove Resort on Malololailai Island, a few hours out from Vuda.

This was a welcoming place for cruisers, and for $20FJ we were given LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the Musket Cove Yacht Club...  Our membership entitles us to access the resort facilities and gives us a place to put our rubbish and a place to shower for FREE!  

We got busy every morning working for a few hours on the boat, then spending time exploring and hanging out at the resort.... Just like we were on VACATION!

The Resort had a great little supermarket!


Rijnahard & Lisa (s/v Enchanter) joined us in the anchorage and we had lots of fun with them this week.  We also met a lovely couple, Steve & Dana from Melbourne, Australia who are vacationing at the resort...  What a treat to meet so many great people in this world!

Rijnahard & Lisa

Bocci Ball on our own (low tide) island....

Dana & Steve!
We spent time getting back into the swing of island cruising with lots of snorkeling, swimming and long walks...

Cloud 9.... awesome bar in the middle of the ocean!  MILES from land...

You just cant imagine how beautiful it is here....

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