Friday, September 16, 2016

Tonga 2

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After leaving Vava'u We sailed 12 hours to the Ha'Apai Group where we may just have found paradise!  Very few cruisers visit this part of Tonga so the experience here is very different from many of the places we visit.  After checking in, we bought a few supplies (very expensive) and re-connected with our friends from Swift Sure and Enchanter. 

We spent our first week anchored off the shore of the Uoleva Yacht Club, where we met some great people who run a small beach bar and a small whale watching business.  While on the Island we were able to gather our own coconuts and limes...

There are so many whales here!  every day is a new adventure as we watch whale families do whale things...

The other day we headed a few miles south and found our first village with a school.  here is the link for that blog entry:  TONGA

We will stay here a few more weeks delivering school supplies and exploring this pristine oasis...

More soon!

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