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Monday, July 4, 2016

A Quiet Week to Celebrate 2 Years Cruising!

Welcome to our Blog. Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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If you want to start at the beginning of our trip:
If you want to see the story of our trip from South Carolina
(where we bought the boat)
 to Lake Ontario Click this link:
After such a busy week leading up to, and including the Pacific Puddlejump Rendezvous we have really appreciated a week of relative calm...

First though, if you wish to see pictures from the rendezvous, check out the official web page HERE.

Late last Sunday afternoon we caught the ferry from Moorea back to Papeete with our friends from New Zealand. After one last dinner out with them we said our goodbyes until we meet up in NZ in a few months....

This was also the week we said a sad goodbye to Christina. She flew home to the USA. It was a little strange without here after so many weeks.

On Tuesday we sailed back to Moorea and anchored in Cooks Bay, then Opunuho Bay. Both were quiet and beautiful. While we were there we both got a tattoo. The artist is amazing and created a tattoo with a story of our life.

Papaya Tree
I got a manta ray...the center is for us with the Moorea symbol below on the tail. One side has the four kids on bottom, two granddaughters above then the Polynesian turtle for long life  The other side is for our ocean voyage, the Marquasian star with the symbols for waves and birds below.

Shelley got a turtle for being a Shellback now and the southern cross with a Marquesian star in the center which we followed across the ocean.

From Moorea we did an overnight passage to Huahine. The winds were calm and the seas were well behaved. It was a lovely passage. We arrived in the morning and anchored in what can only be described as the most beautiful water we have ever seen. In almost 20 feet of water, we were able to clearly see how the anchor was set. Shelley saw a lobster scurrying across the sandy bottom... Amazing.

As beautiful as everything was, we were tired so did very little except relax on our first day here.

We explored Fare, the village, bought a few fresh veggies, and quietly celebrated 2 years of traveling the world. Hard to imagine, that over the last two years we have now travelled just under 10,000 nautical miles, visited 7 countries and met countless wonderful people.

Last year, we published some of our statistics. so here are the numbers from this year.
            2014-5    2015-6
% change

Maintenance/Repairs & Improvements - Boat 6950 8730

Food - Groceries & Sundries 5500 8000

Insurance 4400 4700

Slip/Mooring Fees 4150 2300

Food/Beverages - Dining Out 4100 3440

Fuel - Diesel 1900 860

Fuel - Gasoline and Propane 300 510

Entry/Exit Fees 1400 2270

Travel - Away 1300 2000

Local Transportation 1300 2100

Subscriptions/Instructor/DM Fees 850 460

Entertainment 850 800

Maintenance/Repairs & Improvements - Engine 650 120

Computer/Phone/Internet 550 630

Medical Expenses 500 680

Clothing 450 440

Scuba Expense 400 1000

Gifts 1200 1075

Fishing Gear 0 100

Shipping Expense 0 560

Miscellaneous 250 340
37000 41115

On the income side of things, we took in $24000 vss $19000 last year.  Thus our net expenses work out to about $1500 per month again this year.  This coming year we will strive, yet again, to get our net monthly expenses down to $1000 per month...  Who knows...

The good news is we are having a BALL!  And I guess that's what counts... Right?


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