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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Papeete, Tahiti

Welcome to our Blog. Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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If you want to start at the beginning of our trip:
If you want to see the story of our trip from South Carolina
(where we bought the boat)
 to Lake Ontario Click this link:
WE HAVE ARRIVED! After a journey of 6000 nautical miles (11,000 kilometers, 7,000 miles) from Panama City, we have arrived in the most major city of French Polynesia.  We are at a dock for the first time in months and plan to spend a week here, re-provisioning, and getting a few things repaired.

Next weekend, we will be participating the the Latitude 38, Rendezvous that is a celebration of the boats who have crossed the pacific this year in what is affectionately called the "Pacific Puddlejump"

We were mentioned in Latitude 38's magazine May issue...  PRESS HERE

We will post next week with pictures from the festivities....

In the mean time, we have a few more pictures and stories from our adventures over the last few weeks.

We left the South Pass at Fakarava on June 5th. We anchored with Swift Sure and Beach House and had a beach burn...  Lots of fun!

Lanny & Ginger

The next day we all made our way halfway up the inside of the atoll with a weather forecast that called for strong North Winds.  What we got was SOUTH WINDS, which put us on a lee shore with dangerous rocks behind us.

At 2 am all three of us started our engines and idled into the wind with he anchor down for three hours until day break when we got the heck out of there and back to the south pass.  That was one our scariest night yet!
Beach House, riding out the storm....

Pulling away from the rocks!

Back at the south pass of Fakarava we did some more dives...

There are THOUSANDS of Grouper here spawning right now!


On June 9th we went back to the Southeast corner (Hirifa) where we met LISA (long I) and her new husband.  What an amazing lady! She used to live in Toau with her sister, Valentine and her husband, Gaston. (More about them later).
Lisa and her husband....

We were invited to a special dinner the following day where they would kill a pig, and prepare it many different ways.  What a special treat.  We came to their home early the next morning and helped prepare the pig who gave so much...
Washing the pig.

Our job was to mostly stay out of the way.... I am with Rainard from s/v Enchanter

OK, we helped a bit 

Heart of Palm for the feast!

Lisa in her kitchen...

That evening, we returned with about 20 cruisers from all over the world and FEASTED on what we can only describe as an AMAZING MEAL!  All this for $25 per person!  Lisa is a larger than life woman who makes someone she just met feel like they are her family....  What a GREAT night, one we will never forget....

The next day, the weather was terrible so we hunkered down and visited Swift Sure where we played games, watched a movie and ate some great food.

On June 13th we went to the north end of Fakarava where we moored for just one night before we day sailed to Toau where we met Valentine (Lisa's sister) and Gaston.

Not to be outdone, we were invited to another feast, this time with LOBSTER...  We were joined by Lanny & Ginger (s/v Swift Sure) and another bunch of cruisers from other places in the world.  What another great night!
Gaston cooking Parrotfish & Lobster

What else can be said!

Valentine making a new friend....

These sisters made our time in the Tuamotus, a memory for life....

While we were in Toau we did what might be the best dive ever, just a few minutes from our anchorage.  Undeterred by 20 knot winds, we dinghied (Lanny, Ginger, Shelley and Christina) towing our dinghy with me and gear in it) to a mooring ball just outside the pass.
Crazy wind!

Hi Shelley & Christina

Lanny & Ginger

Nemo's cousin...


Lanny & Ginger
While almost every night we get awesome sunsets, Toau seemed to be just a little better than average...

 And what goes better with a beautiful sunset than anything else?  Good friends....

Lanny and Christina, saying goodbye to the sun... (Bahamian style)

On Friday (June 17) we set out for what we thought was to be a 48 hour passage to Papeete, Tahiti.  We planned the trip at 5 knots, and ended up averaging just under 7!  We flew!  We caught another big Yellowfin Tuna and lost (as we were trying to gaff it) a big Mahi Mahi.

In just 34 hours we arrived in Tahiti at 2300 (11PM) and anchored in a small inlet and slept till this morning where we have checked into The Papeete Marina, for some luxury (long showers)  and internet.

More soon!

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