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Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 4 Update

Just a short entry to let everyone know we have traveled about 350 nautical miles so far. That is just under 10% of the way. So far all is well on Blowin' Bubbles.

The night before we left, we picked our good friend Christina up at the airport. She brought us some much desired treasures. We set sail from Panama City at 7 am on Tuesday morning. We motored out the harbor and briefly stopped at Isla Taboga to clean the bottom of the boat.

After that, we set sails and begun this, our epic journey.

So far, the seas have been relatively calm and the wind has been a little lighter that we had hoped. Still, we have averaged a little over 100 nautical miles per day so we should still arrive in Hiva Oa in the planned 40 or so days.

We have not caught any fish yet! Hopefully that will change today. Right now the water depth is as much as 10,000 feet! It is a good thing we float.

In the next few days we should cross the equator! For a sailor this is an epic event. We are looking forward to sharing this moment when it arrives.

Shelley has been cooking some great meals and our fresh veggies are still in good shape. It won't be too much longer before all our veggies will come from a can. lol.

More soon,

Position:04°56.34'N 082°55.80'W
Course: 232 Degrees True Current Speed: 3.5 Knots

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