Friday, January 8, 2016

Birds, Birds, Birds.....

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This week we met up with some friends we met when we were in Bocas del Toro.  Robin & Mike from s/v Mermaid met up with us in Nargana when we both needed some provisions.  There are about 1500 people in Nargana and at the moment they have no running water.  This means they must send pangas and ulas 3 miles up the nearby river all day long to bring back fresh water.

While we were there we bought some of this water to save running our watermaker.  They charged us $12 for 125 gallons.  For us to make water it would have cost about $30 for the same amount.  Water here sure is precious!

Anyway, after we re-filled our water tanks we went with our friends on a tour of the river.  We motored up the river slowly then spent some time enjoying a swim in the cool clean fresh water...

After our swim we simply drifted down the river for a few hours with the slow moving current.  Along the way we saw some AMAZING birds...  We also got surprised by a huge crocodile along the bank but didn't get a picture...  It was only after our swim we realized we were sharing the river with crocodiles...

                                               White- ringed flycatcher
                                                       Black and Yellow Tanager
                                             Bi-colored Hawk
                                                           Immature hawk
2 Parrots

                                     immature  little Blue Heron
                                    Short-tailed Hawk
                                            Acorn Woodpecker
                                         Crimson-backed Tanager

After we left Nargana, we took our two boats to a very secluded island called Esnasdup where we have been anchored for the last few days.  We have spent our time swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Yesterday, we went for a dive and shot a few more Lionfish...  There may be another video soon...  Here is a short clip of the hunt...

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