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Friday, July 17, 2015

A Few More Jobs Off The List...

Welcome to our Blog. Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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If you want to start at the beginning of our trip:
If you want to see the story of our trip from South Carolina
(where we bought the boat)
 to Lake Ontario Click this link:
The weather this week has been really rainy.  This was all the excuse I needed not to do too much...

We did get to meet Lucy & John on s/v Maraki.  Meeting them is significant for two reasons.  First, They are a great cruising couple, and second the own a Dufour 12000ct exactly like ours!  In fact their hull number is 44 and ours is 43. As there were only 45 of these ever made it was a real treat to see what someone else has done over the boat's 35 year old life. Thier blog is here:

This week we also got another job looked after.  We installed mast steps up as far as the spreaders on the main mast.  It took a few hours but the job turned out really well.  The main purpose for these steps is to provide a good vantage point to look for coral heads and shallow areas when we are entering waters that are not charted well and/or are unfamiliar to us.

We are really looking forward to leaving the marina soon, but we will miss the awesome people who we have met while staying here in Bocas del Torro.  The people here have been so friendly and helpful.  They are also a wealth of experience and knowledge.  I think we have learned that when you allow other people experiences to become a part of your knowledge base you become a much better traveler in this crazy big world.  We have learned so much since we left Canada from so many people!
Out for our anniversary dinner!

Cocktails on "D" dock...

The Calypso Cantina - Happy Hour Beer = $1

The marina dog - we think he is about 14 years old but no one knows for sure...

We found out today that Raymarine has agreed the replace our auto helm under "warranty" and with luck is should be back by the middle of next week.  Whoo Hooo!!!

One last thing.  When we went to Panama City last month we had another problem that I have not said anything about.  That is we tried to withdraw some money at an ATM.  We tried my debit card and were unsuccessful.  Then we tried Shelley's card and were also unsuccessful.  Eventually we found a "Scotiabank"  our home bank, and after a few phone calls back to Canada got the problem with our cards sorted out and we were able to withdraw the money we needed....  After we returned to Bocas, we checked our balance online and discovered that the two transactions that failed in Panama City were actually TAKEN FROM OUR ACCOUNT!!!

Agitated and afraid we called the bank in Canada to explain the problem and instead of simply reversing the transactions, they told us that they would "investigate" but that they had up to 90 DAYS to sort it out.....  In the mean time over $1200  is missing from our account.  After more than half a dozen calls we eventually were connected to "the office of the president" who admitted this happens all the time and that the 90 days is time for the "offending bank" to respond....  Really?  In he mean time they told us there was NOTHING they could do.  Each week since we have called the bank and so far the money has not been returned....  The really frustrating thing is that THEY KNOW THE TRANSACTION NEVER WENT THROUGH!!

How do we know that?  Ever time we make a withdrawal, we are charged a separate $5 fee.  And while that sucks, the two transactions in question were never charge the $5....  This whole thing is complete bologna, and we have to sit without $1200 for 3 months while these banks figure out that THEY made a mistake... 

So here we are 3000 miles from home in the middle of a rain forest, waiting for people who don't care, to do the right thing....

The lesson learned is that when you travel you are at the MERCY of whatever bank you are dealing with locally to have their act together...  Caveat Emptor  (Buyer Beware).  We were told that the banks are aware of the problem, and are looking for an over all solution.  In the mean time only the customer gets screwed... We will update if and when this gets sorted out....


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