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Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Last Winter Storage.... (We Hope)

Earlier today Shelley drove me to the boat in Hamilton.  After taking a few last minute items off the boat she left for work and left me to get the boat ready to sail to Rochester NY to store Blowin' Bubbles for the winter...

I plan to leave early in the morning and sail for 15 or so hours and arrive at Shumway Marina sometime Sunday morning...  I will spend Sunday getting the sails off and the engine and plumbing winterized so that they can lift the boat out on Monday...

Shelley and Kelly will come to pick me up on Monday evening and we will stay overnight and come home Tuesday....  It is a long way to travel to store the boat, but the savings are very significant.....

I'll blog the outcome of my trip in the next few days...

While I was here today, a job that I completed was to install a DLink camera that will stay on the boat all winter.  Whenever I want to I can call up the camera on the internet and see what is happening on our boat! I think that is an awesome way to check the boat.  The whole cost for the camera and all the bits was $37.00... WOW, technology is just awesome sometimes...
Here are a couple sample shots from the camera:

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