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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Right to Write.....

After 20 plus years as a minister, I realize that when we leave next year this will be a radical change in lifestyle in so many ways. Over the last number of years as we travelled each winter we discovered that there was a consistent shortage in almost every country we visited. That is, SCHOOL SUPPLIES , ie pencils, paper, crayons, color pencils etc.

Thus, we have decided that we will carry out a small ministry as we travel. We have decided to call this ministry, THE RIGHT TO WRITE....

We will be delivering school supplies to as many places as we can on our travels. So far we have collected a few hundred packs of colour pencils, regular pencils and loose leaf writing books. We hope before we leave to gather a few hundred more. And as we go along our hope is that a few people here in Canada will continue to collect for us and ship the supplies in bulk once or twice a year. Or that when people come to visit us, they will bring an extra suitcase full of supplies....

We are pretty excited about all of this and hope that people will contribute to what we think is a very worthwhile cause... If you feel moved to contribute, you can send us some school supplies directly, or use the donate button on this blog and we will purchase stuff in your name...

Kyle and Shelley...

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