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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting Ready to Move the Boat - March 19 2011

Our naked baby...

It all started today..... After a long winter we have made the decision to move Blowin Bubbles to a farm just north of Guelph Ontario for the next 12 months or so.  We are planning to give her a major re-fit which will include re-finishing the deck, re-wiring the boat, and replacing the plumbing.  Extras we hope to do might be the installation of a generator and scuba compressor, re-placing some of the electronics and converting one of the bedrooms into a dive shop and shower.

We picked up Shelley's Dad (Ed) at 7:30 Saturday morning (March 19) and drove to St. Catharines where the boat was stored for the winter.  Today we removed what was left of the tarps that we put on her in the fall.  Then we removed all the conduit supports that held up the tarps.  Next Friday the yard is scheduled to remove the masts and load her on a trailer for the 75 mile trip to the farm where she will live until the re-fit is completed.
Dad & Shelley after a hard days work...

The temp today was just a little above freezing but for most of the day the sun was shining.  The boat is 15 feet from the bottom of the keel to the top of the cabin.  In Ontario the maximum height for a regular transport truck is 13' 6" so we have a bit of a problem.  the highest load that can travel without and escort is 16 feet so EVERYTHING over the top of the cabin had to be removed (which is ok because to do the work we want to do the stuff has to go anyway). Notwithstanding, it was a BIG job!  we removed the radar dome, the wind generator, the 2 solar panels, the stern pulpit, the bow pulpit and all the lifelines & stanchions...

She looks very bare after everything is removed...

The trailer full of stuff to take up the where we are storing the boat.

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